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About Us

The origins of the Society

The society was founded on 26 November 1945 when 14 persons met to discuss the formation of a new society.


Subscriptions were set at 6/- p.a. for Gentlemen, 5/- p.a. for Ladies and 3/- p.a. for Juniors (under 16).

It was decided to meet every Wednesday at 7pm and the first meeting, attended by 11 members and two visitors, was held on 28 November 1945 and an auction of donated stamps raised £2/17/2d for club funds.


The society's journal "The Pantiles Post" first appeared in February 1949.


In July 1956 the membership

was reported as being 120.

The prefix "Royal" was added to the society in 1959 


In the January 1962 edition it was noted that 43 members and guests attended the 14th annual dinner at the Spa Hotel at a cost of 15/- per head.


There were full instructions in the Spring 1971 edition regarding decimalisation and how packet members should convert £sd to £p.




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President: Brian Stalker


Secretary: Ian Marshall


Treasurer: Nigel Gooch


Editor of The Pantiles Post : Peter O'Keeffe


Webmaster: Nigel Gooch 

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